Online Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

An Edit is a pair of codes that cannot be billed by the same physician on the same day.
Yes. If you have questions, technical support is free.
Yes, Go to our home page and select demo. Just complete the demo request form and your FREE 7 day password will be emailed  to you within minutes.
CMS (formerly HCFA) releases the National Correct Coding Initiative quarterly (NCCI). is updated on or before the quarterly implementation date. You are always current.
Yes, provides lookup to all CPT and HCPCS codes that are included in the NCCI.
Yes, in addition to browsing all CPT/HCPCS codes on the main screen in numeric order, you can build and maintain lists of codes for validating more than one code at a time.
Yes, you can display and browse "Edits" by viewing all 3 categories of "Edits" or by any of the three individual categories of "Edits".
CorrectCoder simplifies the CCI by allowing the user to see and browse all "Edits" with respect to a single "Look Up" code.  This method eliminates the need to search different tables for each of the 3 categories of Edits.
Yes. There is one main screen with a large feature tabs such as search, validate list, reports. is our web based application that runs from any computer with internet access and CorrectCoder for Edits is our PC/Windows based application.
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