About CCIEdits.com

CCIEdits.com is the latest in suite of coding, compliance and reimbursement products from Wasserman Medical Publishers. Founded in 1981 by the late Dr. Yale Wasserman, we have helped thousands of health care professionals succeed in an increasingly competitive market place. Our book titles include: Physicians Fee Reference, HCPCS Level II Coding and Fee Guide, CorrectCoder for Edits and the National Dental Advisory Service. Software titles include: RBRVS EZ-Fees, PFR Pricing Program, NDAS Pricing Program, CrossCoder for Medical & Diagnostic Crosswalsk & CorerectCoder for Edits.

Several years ago we started providing an online subscription based solution with CCIEdits.com an ASP (Active Service Page) alternative to traditional PC/Windows application software and print publication for the National Correct Coding Initiative. Our design goal was simple - take the popular and easy-to-use layout of CorrectCoder for Edits (PC/Windows software) and make it an online subscription.

Medical software is our business, but we know it is (probably) not yours. Our users have requested and received low cost, easy-to-use products to make their jobs easier. You should not need a degree in computers to get the medical coding information you need. A consistent theme in all our electronic products is one main screen and large feature buttons. If you can't figure out a feature using basic intuition we have failed and need to redesign that feature. It takes a lot of extra time and effort to write software with an easy learning curve and still performs advanced features. But, that's what good software is all about.

Be sure to download our free demo. You get 7 days to get familiar with CCIedits online. We are always happy to hear from you, and really appreciate your input about our products. If you take the time to contact us, we will reply.

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