Top 10 Reasons For Subscribing to CCIEdits Online

Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that you should be using for the National CorrectCoding Initiative? We will help you by providing the top 10 reasons will benefit your medical organization or company.

  1. Low Cost Solution. For as little as $59/quarter (3 months) you can look up and validate any CPT of HCPCS WITHOUT any government downloads, thick manuals, computer programmers, or consultants. 
  2. No Software Installation. If have MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater and are online you're ready.
  3. Very User Friendly - No complicated manuals or knowledge of CMS policy required. was designed for the beginner. The goal was simple - create an internet browser based application that didn't require any prior knowledge of CCI (Correct Coding Initiative). One main screen, no technical manuals and no complicated installations. Just log in.
  4. Locate Any Code in Seconds. CPT and HCPCS codes can be found by a 5-digit quick search tab. Edits are displayed in the lower portion of the main screen.
  5. No Government Downloads. provide all the codes necessary for access to over 10,000 CPT and HCPCS procedures and services in an easy-to-use online application. 
  6. Exclusive Features Single Lookup Code and 3 Display Options. CorrectCoder for Edits and use a single lookup code to display both comprehensive, component and mutually exclusive edits on one screen. Printed versions of the CCI require several searches since Mutually Exclusive Edits are grouped in separate tables.
  7. Validation List. As an alternative to browsing all Edits associated with a single lookup code you can build a (validation) list directly from your CMS 1500 claim form. This is excellent for billing services to audit claims.
  8. Official CPT Long Descriptions. CorrectCoder is a licensed AMA CPT coding product. Each registered user is covered by the AMA's exclusive CPT copyright. 
  9. FREE Tech Support.  All Wasserman Medical Software comes with free technical support. Most users master our software within in 5 minutes. Support is available via phone, fax, email. 
  10. 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. If you do not find CCIedits helpful for any reason simply cancel your subscription. You will receive a full refund for any unused time after the first 30 days. A 30 day minimum applies.


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